About Delin



Sede Delin

Since 1983 Delin Elettronica has been putting its expertise at the service of customers, started as a supplier of components and electronics for industrial automation of some of the most prestigious brands in the sector; Delin has quickly evolved as system integrator into the design and implementation of control systems in various fields of application.

Delin is able to develop projects for programmable logic controllers (PLC), numerical control (NC), Robot and other microprocessor systems for the automation of industrial processes, their optimization and supervision (SCADA, HMI).

The firm’s and his personnel’s growth never lost focus on company main values and ethical principles on which the whole structure is based as an heritage of those who manage it: professionalism on servicing customers, great reliability in terms of offered products and services, research and quality, capability of managing internal tasks as well as of working in team in order to optimize the final result, efficiency and innovation.

The internationalization of the firm has been a natural challenge for a constant growth and takes Delin to cooperate and interface with new and different customers worldwide. The constant confrontation with other ways of thinking and working allows Delin to confidently look at new global horizons and their professional opportunities.