On this page you can find all the updates regarding the activities promoted by Delin Elettronica S.R.L.

Industrial electric panels complying with UL standards


UL certification

Delin has recently obtained the authorization to affix the UL mark as a manufacturer of industrial electrical panels (UL508A) for an important customer. Compliance with UL standards allows the design, construction and sale of control panels for the US market.




Delin Elettronica is also committed in supporting aggregation and sporting activities which promote values such as teamwork, the belonging to a group and the respect for others. In such respect we have sponsored football teams and basketball clubs in our geographical area.

Since 2002 Delin Elettronica is supporting the basketball team of Cavezzo (www.basketcavezzo.com); a collaboration that continued also during and after the earthquake of 2012, which has severely damaged the sports structures in the area of Modena.

Brochure Delin


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