Delin team operate also at international levels, in total collaboration with the customers for the development and management of the designed systems.

Our experience in defining the best and advanced solutions in term of control hardware and software for automation systems is applied in the field of flexible manufacturing lines, automatic dispensing, material handling, storage, palletizing, numerical control machine (NC), robotics, process control, energy production and distribution. Our typical industry sectors are: machinery, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, food industry, pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, infrastructure (airport, motorway, parking,…), Building Automation, ceramics, zoo-technical.

We offer qualified technical support throughout all the development phases of the projects, providing the customers with innovative solutions. We provide after-sales service for maintenance and upgrading of the developed systems, with great flexibility and fast response we can guarantee to our customers the highest production’s efficiency and performance.
In 2002 thanks to the establishment of the affiliate Dema our offer has further expanded. In fact now Delin propose itself in the market also as a switchboard design and construction firm for industrial automation projects and applications.

Technological research, innovation, and complementarity of services is what make us a well-established reality on the reference market. We can perfectly design and develop the best solutions in order to satisfy the most challenging needs of the industry in term of automation and control system.